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Reasoning, Resilience, Responsibility.

We empower youth to imagine beyond their present circumstances and overcome educational barriers through evidence-based and informed approaches.


Global citizenship

through academic



Education is a unifying structure across the world. Academic achievement through the cultivation of the 3Rs will equip systematically disenfranchised youth with the skills needed to extend beyond mental, physical, and political borders.


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Effective and Informed Educators

Highly effective, culturally informed educators dedicated to transforming outcomes for at- risk and other underserved youth worldwide.

Collaborative Group Sessions

Collaborative, small group sessions target individual areas of need while also leveraging students' individual expertise.

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We have different programs and plans scheduled for each month starting from January 2023 till the end of the year.
Kindly check out the calendar for updates..

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Borderless Academics Acceleration Program


The Borderless Academics Acceleration Program (BAAP) will provide academic acceleration and enrichment activities to foster and at-risk youth in grades 7-12. The Summer intensive component will focus on building rapport, providing tailored academic acceleration, and participation in enrichment activities.

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Targeted Academic Interventions


For families, schools, and local youth organizations

District Consulting (Coming Soon!)


For school districts and other youth public education organizations.

International Student Affairs (Coming Soon!)


International student visa consulting for higher education.

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